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Mon, 31 May 2004

A ray of sunshine

My less than perfect week was punctuated on an up note this weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I took advantage of the nice weather to get some time on my bike. With the Manulife Bike & Hike for Heart ride coming up this coming weekend, it was good to get a warmup in. One of my teammates and I did a quick ride up to Conestogo along Bloomingdale Rd, then back down on Woolwich to Lexington. (I'll get an image up when I get the map overlay tool on my GPS desktop software working properly.)

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy for me. After the ride, I went over to said teammate's place and had a barbecue with the folks there and played a thoroughly enjoyable couple of games of Settlers of Cattan. Sunday I spent a good chunk of the afternoon sitting on the patio of the City Café Bakery enjoying the fine munchables and coffee and reading in the sun.

It was unfortunate that my week was less enjoyable though. Things are really slow at work these days and I'm struggling to feel useful. Although I'd rather not leave, I'm not sure if there will be enough work in the near future for them to be able to keep me on full time. So if any of you want to keep your ears to the grindstone and your eyes to the ground, I'm looking around for other avenues of employment. You can find my resumé here.

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