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Thu, 17 Jun 2004

Grey and rainy

The last little while has been fairly uneventful. There's been some stuff for me to do at work, but largely it's been internal, and not for one of our company's clients. Which doesn't reassure me much about the state of the business.

Been fairly busy outside of work. ecogrrl has introduced me to the Kingdom of Loathing which I've been playing fairly regularly, and doing reasonably well at, if I have been relying a bit on various spoiler sites and forums to help me with.

I'm sitting in the coffee shop again, before I go to work, watching the rain. To its credit, the city of Waterloo has been tending the boulevards and green spaces downtown. There's a plethora of lush plant life just outside the window, and I must say that it looks quite nice. I'm sure the excess of wet we've been experiencing of late hasn't hurt that at all. Nevertheless, it still seems very grey and blah out.

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