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Thu, 24 Jun 2004

Pretty clouds
Pretty clouds

The webcam really doesn't do it justice. The sky outside looks like an upside-down ocean, with majestic waves sweeping across its surface. It's really pretty.

The pic is taken from work, where I still am, at 5:30ish or so. Not reasonably late, to be sure, but late enough. And I'm likely to be here longer. Things are busy for me at the moment, but only with a bunch of very unusual little projects. Not with anything substantial. And not with anything that will likely make the company much money, though more likely than the work I was doing last week, for example. Nothing to ease my mind about the company's fiscal situation, nor my position within it.

KoL is still fun. We still desperately need a Pastamancer though, even though we now have I think six people in our clan. So if any of you who actually know me out there are interested in the game, this might be a good time to join. We'll give you lots of help to get you started.

Related to KoL, I bum around on an AoL chat room of KoL players from time to time. They're reasonably coherent, and intelligible which is nice, but every once in a while, I'm reminded that I'm (at least in some cases) twice as old as they are which depresses me briefly.

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