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Sun, 04 Jul 2004

My new table

I am sitting at my brand new dining room table, on my brand new dining room table chair, pretty much as pictured. The picture was taken rather late last night, after assembling said table and the first of four chairs that I bought as a set from Ikea.

My trip was rather successful, all things told. Zukervati drove me to Toronto where we hooked up with decogrrl and we wandered the massive store looking at various things, weighing options, discussing possibilities. In the end, I decided on a small, but sturdy dining set, and the floor model of a really comfy office chair for a desk that I'm going to buy later. I also looked at some very promising bookshelves for my place.

The weekend has been good in general. Thursday I spent at work. The office was about half full, which meant it was nice and quiet, so I got lots of work done, relatively speaking.

Friday was the day I spent in Toronto, and more specifically at Ikea. We ate at a Fifth Wheel truck stop for the first time on our way there. I was actually sufficiently impressed with the service. The food was pretty much truck-stop-greasy-spoon-style. Nothing spectacular.

Today I showed folks my new table. The weather was ridiculously nice, if only a tad on the warm side. Wandered around a bit in the neighbourhood, then over to the Thingo household for dinner with lots of peoples. Now I'm back home, and sitting at the wonderful table, and just for kicks, I'm streaming an episode of Star Trek TNG over iChat to a friend in Minnesota. Heck, why not?

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