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Wed, 14 Jul 2004

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Christopher Calzonetti. I am an orphaned Canadian, trained in Applied Mathematics and currently employed in a successful marketing firm. Recently I received a large sum of money due to passing "Go" while out for a stroll the other day. This compounded by the latest political upheaval resulting in a near loss of power by the goverment, and has indeed resulted in a loss of majority seating has allowed me to take tremendous advantage of those earnings.

Due to our countries strick taxation regulations on revenues, I am forced into a difficult position. If I can find a way to deferr my earnings by investing the money in offshore resources, I can save a considerable amount of money which I am prepared to share with you.

The discreet nature of my earnings and my position in my company have given me access to approximately seventy-two million (72,000,000) Canadian Dollars in cash, which I am currently storing in the second drawer of my desk. All that is required is a means to legitimately transfer these funds to an outside account, preferably by making choise investments within your country.

After successful relocation and transfer of funds, presuming that you and I can reach a viable business agreement, you shall be entitled to 37% of the gross, plus any expenses, up to 4% of the total. You would be required to facilitate the initial setup of investmesnt and it may be necessary for some small out of pocket expenses to be taken care of by you, for which the 4% of the total has been set aside.

You will be given full access to the financial statements, and if necessary, arrangements will be made for you to travel to Canada to visit the site of operations here, and ensure that everything is ligitamate, and proceeding to your expectations. However, I must ensure that I have chosen wisely in contacting you as the foriegn party to which I trust my investments, something which will be mutually beneficial to us both. Please provide me with your Social Security number, complete bank statements and a comprehensive credit history.

Please fax these documents to me at the following number:
(419) 555-9329

I eagerly await your response.
Christopher Calzonetti.

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