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Wed, 21 Jul 2004

I stumped my kitty

The windowsill in my bedroom is home to the one remaining plant that Carbon likes to chew/destroy/whatever. The other plants have either been taken to work, or have simply just died.

Said windowsill, and in fact all the windows in my home, have shutters that I can close in a vain attempt to keep cats off the ledges, and thus save my precious precious greenery from more abuse. The shutters managed to close in such a way that they wedge each other shut. Great.

Carbon, however, like most cats I have known, is smarter than she looks, and is fairly adept and sneaking her paw under the shutters, and somehow prying them open just enough for her to sneak up, onto the ledge where she can feast undisturbed.

Well, maybe not that smart. Last night, I closed one shutter, but not the other. This seemed to confuse her to no end. She sat on the top of the headboard of my bed, just staring at the window, her little kitty mind trying to figure out what the hell she had to do now to overcome this bizarre obstacle.

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