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Sun, 25 Jul 2004

All outdoorsy

Wow. The weekend was amazing. Weather was sunny, but not terribly warm. I was a little lazy, and went to Whole Lotta Gelata for lunch both days. But their paninis are amazingly good, so you can't really blame me. And coffee. Their coffee is good too.

Saturday pretty much started there, sitting at an outdoor table, enjoying the sun, and the coffee, and the yummy sandwich. clvrmnky showed up, and he also had a panini and a coffee, and then we wandered down to Kitchener to bum around and eventually wound up meeting ZUckerVaTi and the Leader at the Beer and Rib festival. We had some pork, and some suds, and met up with ecogrrl and Dr. le Chapeau. Then I took off to get some laundry done, and get to bed early.

Sunday morning, I got up sorta early, and met up with a climbing friend and we drove out to Milton to go climbing at BottleGlass. Weather was not as sunny, but it was still quite nice. We got some great climbing in, then headed back, where I had my second yummy panini and coffee. Then I met up with Dr. Thingo and family and we wandered around uptown Waterloo as they did their errands.

This week is the week, I hope. Lot of potential for good things to happen. At the end of it, I turn 32.

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