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Thu, 05 Aug 2004

Sandwiched between long weekends

Wow. Lots of things to write about.

First off, last weekend was marvelous. There was one thing that I didn't get to do that I wanted to, which was to bike up to a friends cottage and chill out there. I haven't seen this friend in a long, long time.

Other than that, much goodness was had by all. First off, Happy Fucking Birthday to Me! The job offer came through Friday afternoon, as you may have guessed. More on that later. But after all that, I was completely exhausted. The long weekend seemed like the perfect time to just relax.

Only problem there was that people seemed intent on making me celebrate my birthday. What did I want to do? What did I want to do? What did I want to do? Jeez. I had a bloody stressful week. I just want to relax. Okay. Well once everyone got it in their head that I wasn't looking for big celebration, things went smoothly. Pizza at Nath's with a few folk Friday.

Saturday, the weather still wasn't looking great. I begged of biking, but mostly it was sheer laziness. Lunch and coffee at Whole Lotta Gelata. Decogrrl and boyfriend came down from Toronto and hung out. We had dinner at Charbrie's and watched a movie.

Sunday was another relaxing day. BBQ at my place. Then hung out at Zuckervati's place with Decogrrl and Mr. Decogrrl. Had more pizza.

Monday was brunch at WLG again, but with more people this time. Then we just went to the tiny little park/playground next to my building and sat in the shade for most of the afternoon. Eventually, we took Decoteam to the bus station then retired for dinner at the Whale & Ale, where if you can prove it's your birthday then you eat free.

Whew! All this relaxing has me all tuckered out.

And now I'm taking Friday off too. My parent's 40th (Wow! Is that right?) anniversary is coming up soon, so the whole clan is gathering at a borrowed chalet up on Georgian Bay for a few days. Maybe I'll bring my bike.

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