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Sat, 07 Aug 2004

Family weekend

My parents' 40th wedding anniversary is coming up in about a week. So my sister took it upon herself the excellent idea to arrange a weekend where we could all come together and celebrate, and see each other. Something that happens very rarely now that we're scattered all over the place.

It's actually been really nice. We have a neighbour's cottage. More of a chalet, really, at the base of Blue Mountain near Collingwood. I've skied there in the winter, and let me tell you. It's as nice, if not nicer in the summer.

Being right near big hills, when I booked a car to come up here, I thought "hey, I'll bring my bike." Sure enough, I got some decent mountain biking in. Also, I managed to have a spectacular wipeout and get some pretty nasty scrapes all along my left arm, and right palm.

Sadly, those two events are not at all related.

In the touristy village at the base of Blue Mountain, I took said spectacular wipeout running towards a giant outdoor checkerboard. My five year old nephew, who I was with at the time manages to put one foot in front of the other with little to no problems on the other hand.

Anyway, I got the mountain biking in, so now I have a good excuse if someone asks me what the heck happened to my arm. "Oh, I took my mountain bike up to Collingwood on the weekend." I'll let the listener put two and one and a half together for the rest of the story.

What really happened will just be our little secret, okay?

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