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Sun, 08 Aug 2004

The new job

As promised, stuff about the new job.

Actually, I'm hoping that this will save me explaining everything again, for like the zillionth time when asked what exactly I'll be doing. I'll just be able to point them at my blog and say it's all here.

First off, I'm still not 100% sure what it is I'll be doing. The official title is "C&O Software Specialist", working for the Math Faculty Computing Facility at the University of Waterloo. It's a new position, and as such, my roles and responsibilities are not yet well defined. I do know that I'll be acting as a point of contact for the C&O department to bring issues that need attention to the MFCF. I'll be in sort of a Client Relations/Support position in that respect. Also, the MFCF was looking for someone with strong Linux skills. It is entirely possible that my long term position will involve being the primary Linux guru for the team. There is almost certainly some sysadmin-based tasks required of me.

The Friday that I found out was an interesting day, certainly. I got an e-mail from the HR people in the morning saying they'd like to talk to me, and could I please call them at around 2pm? So that was pretty much it. It was either yes or no at this point, and I had to wait through most of the day before I found out. I was a nervous wreck all bloody day. I ended up going home to make the call from there.

The call was fairly short and sweet. Everything looked good, and they wanted to hire me. They outlined the salary and my starting classification. The university has a highly structured employment system. My salary is solely based on how I am classified. I can make so much money before I have to change classifications (i.e. prove that I'm more skilled, and take on more responsibilities) at which point my pay scale shifts. They also asked when I could start.

That was pretty much it. The phone call wrapped up, and thanked them profusely and hung up.

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