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Tue, 10 Aug 2004


I've been holding off buying a camera for a long time. I keep looking at cameras and saying "yeah, but I want this feature, and I want that feature and I want..." and before I know it, the cameras I'm looking at are a little out of my price range.

After scoring some birthday cash, I looked at my options again. I'd been eying the Canon Rebel for some time, and it seemed to do everything I wanted. I finally went in to actually play with the camera yesterday, and really liked the feel of it in my hand. Took a few shots testing out macro, and things like depth of field, and some of the manual settings. Popped the CF card into my 'puter and took a look.

Bought camera. Bought a few small extras. Paid lots of money. Oh well. Anyway, new toy! Yay! I've included the obligatory plant shot. I honestly don't know what the name of the plant with the pink spots is. The shoot behind it is of a store-bought ginger root that I planted. Click on the image for a very large version of the same shot. (1500x1200).

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