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Fri, 03 Sep 2004

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who started a new job
in the IT department of a large academic organisation. He was just learning the ropes of his job, when all of a sudden, the network died.

Being sort of new to the job, he wasn't sure what to do, and milled about uncertainly, until he noticed that others were milling about as well, and he asked what was going on. Thus the little boy found out that it was a network problem that one of the other IT-related groups was looking in to, and there was nothing that they could do for the time being.

So the little boy went off and wandered about the building, eating Pocky and wondering when the network would be back up, when he was accosted by an irate researcher, heck bent on finishing his research. Which, now that I think about it, isn't all that unreasonable a thing to be all heck bent about.

In any event, the lack of available data had made the researcher a little crazed, and he was wandering about looking for any kind of data that could help him finish his work. Unfortunately, his research happened to be on the effects of highly processed Japanese confections on the livers of adolescent males, and when the researcher chanced upon the little boy, he got that gleam in his eye that often indicates to an audience of a movie that this character is either maniacal, or insane, or possibly just evil, except, not being a movie, or at the very least, if it was a movie, the little boy would not be on the other side of the fourth wall in that way, and so totally missed the gleam, or at least wasn't tipped off by the sinister music, and so didn't turn to flee until it was too late, and was dissected by the researcher for the greater good. So I guess the researcher wasn't really evil. Just misunderstood.


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