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Tue, 07 Sep 2004

Still there, still pink.
A nice semi-over-exposed picture of the MC building at night

Back on campus once again. Frosh week has just got underway, and of course there's students both new and returning alike, everywhere. And of course with Frosh comes the pink tie.

I'm slowly getting moved in here. Last week was mostly a write-off, unfortunately, with most people that could help me off on vacation for some or all of the week. I finally got voice mail today, for example. I actually came to campus this evening to bring some recently repotted plants to my office. It was my first repotting attempt. We'll see if they survive.

Since I was on campus anyway, I rambled up to the Tie Guard area, and said hi. Introduced myself as the Frosh Teamster from '98, and was reminded how old I was, when there were in fact no leaders there who'd even started school in '98. Nevertheless, folk said hi back. I stuck around long enough to play a few hands of bridge, and snap the above shot of the tie. Someday, I'll get a tripod or something.

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