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Thu, 18 Nov 2004

The end approaches

It's Thursday here. The only day where I'm not in Training Sessions at the LISA conference. I went to a Tech Session, about scripting which was vaguely interesting instead, then had to buy my own lunch.

So far, things have been good. The talks have by and large been well presented, and the material useful to me. Socially, things have been very good as well: I've made a bunch of acquaintances; got in on the CA Certs Web of Trust signing thing; played some DDR. Largely, just had a good time. I even, perhaps not for the best, got suckered in to resubscribing to Puzzle Pirates, a social based MMORPG where all the combat and other skills are puzzle based.

Tomorrow is the last day of courses, after which I will be quite glad to go home, have a nap, pet my kitties, and finally have a weekend. I'll talk to y'all after that.

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