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Tue, 14 Dec 2004

My kitty wants my sandwich

I mentioned this briefly here, on my LiveJournal blog, but let me reiterate: Bacon is a very, very good thing. I made myself a yummy yummy sandwich with bacon from Rowe Farm Meats (the website doesn't quite exist yet, but feel free to click on the link anyway) as well as some disappointing bread from Zehr's/Valu Mart/Loblaws/whatever, some organic lettuce I bought from my local health food store, and ricotta cheese as a spread.

The ricotta cheese serves as a really good mild cheese in place of alternatives. The only other cheeses I have at the moment are Parmesan, both pre-grated and in a block, those little Baby Bel cheeses (la vache qui rit!) and four year old cheddar, which is a bit strong and would compete with the flavour of the bacon. Also, the ricotta eliminates the need for another spread, none of which seemed very appealing to me at the moment.

The bread, is mostly a disappointment because it looks so bloody impressive. It's a sort of many-grain, whole wheat, blah blah blah kind of bread, that had I bought at a real bakery, I would be rolling around my kitchen floor having mini-orgasms from sheer bready goodness. Nevertheless, it's barely more than your average store bought, pre-sliced variety. Oh well. It's still a good sandwich, dammit.

Good enough, at the very least to have my lazy orange monstrosity of a cat intently focused on my every move as I eat. He's leaning off the monitor in a fashion that suggests if he could just lean forward one more inch, he could reach the priceless artifact that had eluded kitty archaeologists for centuries. Fame, fortune, and that attractive Austrian kitty archaeologist would all be his.

Oh, and the sandwich would also be his, I guess.

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