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Wed, 27 Apr 2005

A long day

So yesterday I was at work for about twelve hours. I've put in longer days before, but yesterday felt like longer than other days. One of the high-load mail servers was having disk problems, and I was asked to do what I could to salvage the situation. Well, I didn't do enough. While I was working on it, it basically became totally finished.

So yeah. Long day. That was yesterday. Well most of yesterday. I had planned to see Kung Fu Hustle with some friends. We just managed to get into the theatre in time to see the late show. Damn was that worth it after a long day of pain.

Today, I'm mostly just tired.

Update: Speaking of movies that are worth it, the trailer for Firefly: Serenity is out. Go watch. Only 156 more days until it opens!

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