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Tue, 09 Aug 2005

Ooo, Shiny!

New toy.

I'm actually sitting on the walk in front of Whole Lot-a Gelata, on my day off, at the moment checking out what free wireless networks there are nearby. People seemed to have smartened up though, as out of the three signals I can vaguely receive, only the weakest one doesn't have a WEP password set.

It's no matter. Have laptop, will travel.

The past 18 hours have been rather interesting, however. Last night, home from work with my new toy, and I just start downloading things to install and play with, when the power goes out. It was rather similar to a power failure we had a month ago or so, in that it cut a strange swath of blackness winding its way around uptown Waterloo. I'm sure there was some rhyme or reason to which buildings had power and which didn't to someone, but there you go. The power finally went back on at around 11:30 and I played on my 'puter a bit before going to bed a fair bit later than I usually do. But hey, the next day was a day off, so it was all good, right?

...Except for the fire alarm that went off before 8am this morning, and continued to go off until well after 9. * sigh *

Yup. So my building's alarm is shrill and loud, almost painfully so. And I was jolted awake by it. Not knowing exactly what was going on, I groggily prepared for the worse, getting the harnesses on my cats and preparing to flee, just in case. That, and really, I didn't want them to endure ear-splitting klaxxons any more than I did. Carbon took some significant coaxing to get out from under the bed, and I doubt I'll be able to coax her as easily anytime in the near future. She took well neither to the noise, nor to being roughly handled while I tried to get her into the harness.

Griffith on the other hand just wanted to be fed. So while he seemed relatively unconcerned by the whole affair, he was a bit more wriggly than usual.

Again, Carbon really did not like to be outside. She's a timid little one. She accidentally gave me a really nice gash across the top of my foot.

Eventually, the building alarm guy showed up and everything quieted down somewhat. My cats got fed, and after a shower, I wandered off still dead tired to WLG for a coffee and a muffin. Oh, except in an effort to catch a fly buzzing about, the person serving me the coffee knocked my mug over, splashing my right arm in hot liquid.

I hope work tomorrow will be more restful.

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