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Mon, 10 Apr 2006

Obscure, confused, bottomless fool's gold fits in a cubic centimetre. (7)

The Faculty I support does the Globe and Mail cryptic crossword at lunch time here, and while in the past I've often been content to simply look over their shoulders, I've taken to contributing here and there.

Naturally, I suck. I've been contributing one or two answers per crossword so far, and have been feeling somewhat pleased with myself, though the feeling is muted slightly when the others just burn through the rest of the clues. The Globe's crossword isn't a bad one, but it's a bit challenging to start with. Games Magazine has a second publication, World of Puzzles that includes a few cryptic crosswords within its pages that are a much better starting point. I looked at one of those over the weekend, and managed to get most of the way through a crossword on my own.

The past week has been grey and rainy and cold. Didn't get much of a chance to ride my bike, but this coming week looks much better.

Oh, and I bought my first track off of the iTunes Music Service. Dani California from the upcoming RHCP album. Whee!

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