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Sat, 15 Apr 2006

Speak softly, and carry a loud-mouthed idiot.

So, yeah.

Had a fabulous time the past couple of days seeing a zillion people I hadn't seen in forever. Thursday was sort of a Last Hurrah party at Higher Ground, as Sportsworld is, at least partly, going to be torn down to make way for ProgressTM, and all sorts of climbers I hadn't seen in forever showed up.

Yesterday was Take Back the Lounge day at school, and again, I saw lots of friends, and met a few new ones.

Towards the end of the evening however, I, in an attempt to wittily prove a point, said something that in hindsight could have been interpreted as me making a very pointed, and hurtful comment about someone else at the table at the time. It really wasn't meant in that context, and I've been feeling like a bloody clod all day today.

So if no one can remember what the hell I'm talking about, then no harm done. But yeah, if you can, then sorry about that. I really didn't mean anything about anyone specific.

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