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Tue, 05 Sep 2006

Fiscal imbalance

Again, with the long delay between posts.

Well, the most notable thing that's happened to me in the last little while is that I took a week off work to rearrange and clean my house a little. To that end I rented a car for the week and went on several trips to buy some much needed things. Namely, to the MEC for some cycling and climbing gear, and Ikea for a few little bits and pieces to fill out my home.

But going to those two stores aren't cheap. Plus some odds and ends in other places, and the cost of the rental car for the week, and I've undid all my attempts to be somewhat frugal since I bought my iBook over a year ago. Oh well.

It's not a complete loss. I did some adjusting of my budget and tightening of my belt, and I've been able to shave six more years off my mortgage by increasing my payments. Plus, for some reason, my property taxes went down this year. Crazy, but who am I to complain?

A bit more traveling in the coming week, so I'll have to figure out expenses again, but one of those trips is to pick up ecogrrl from the Airport! Yay!

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