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Sat, 18 Nov 2006

What's the opposite of a banner week?

Last week (the one before this past week) was not a good week. Not at all. Some problems with Dare (not related to her health, at least, thank goodness for small mercies) as well as an incredibly demoralising meeting meant that I was terribly unmotivated and rather unhappy for pretty much the whole week.

Luckily, last weekend helped pick things up a little. I got to hang out with lots of different people, including finally getting to meet Shatton at a Nintendo game day held at Jorge's where I determined that Akamaru is going to become the next Hokage*, and managed to hold my own playing Tetris.

This past week, I've mostly just been tired. That's as much my own fault as because of any external sources. I haven't been going to bed at very reasonable hours in the past week, and of course it's been that much harder to drag my ass out of bed as a result. At least last night I got a chance to hang out with a bunch of fun people, even if I didn't get to bed until after 4am. Yikes!

Going to try to go to bed earlyish tonight though. EB Games called me this afternoon and told me that along with the games and extra controller I pre-ordered, they had some extra Wii consoles (which I didn't pre-order), so there is a slim, but non-zero chance of me scoring a Wii, if I line up bright and early tomorrow morning.

*Believe it!

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