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Wed, 29 Nov 2006


After deciding that I'm getting a bit too weird in the afternoons, possibly because of having too much caffeine during the day, I'm trying to cut back a bit. Not going cold turkey, but nothing stronger than one cup of caffeinated tea in the mornings. And if I have coffee before noon, it has to be decaf. It seems to be working rather well. I find I'm sleeping better, and getting up in the mornings with little to no difficulty. Of course, this may also be because I'm making an attempt to go to bed at a reasonable hour as well... In any event, yay.

Other than that, the week's been fucking hell at work. This place is the exact opposite of my last job, where I loved my co-workers, and the work that I did, but the company just got more and more frustrating to work for over time. Here, I love where I work, but the co-workers make the job really difficult sometimes.

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