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Mon, 08 Jan 2007


Well, winter looks like it might actually have arrived. It's still pretty mild, but at least now it's seasonably mild, rather than unseasonably so. For the past week, temperatures were actually on par with, say Mobile Alabama, to pick a somewhat warmer locale completely at random. We're getting a significant amount of wet snow today. But at least it's snow.

Classes have started up for me again. I'm taking CO350 this term, which is a significantly easier than CO355, which I attempted to take a year ago, and JAPAN201, continuing on the long road to actually being able to speak another language.

And to round this entry out, I'm through waiting for me to get a PS2. No, I haven't bought one. But I did go out and get my own copy of Guitar Hero 2 yesterday afternoon with Zuckervati, and we played it for the rest of the day over at his place. I guess I'll be getting myself a PS2 eventually, but I'll need to replace my TV first as well, as I stupidly let it fall on New Year's, and the display is a bit wonky now. :( Oh well. It's a good excuse to look at new widescreens at least.

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