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Mon, 05 Mar 2007

Nothing's wounded, except my pride... Oh, and my ass.

I was very tired and stressed when I last posted almost a month ago. But I did indeed make it to Thursday. And a few weeks beyond that as well, so here I am.

That week, I had an assignment (handed in only mostly completed), and a midterm in both my courses (passed CO350 with flying colours, and nearly failed, squeaking by in Japan201). I was feeling much better after that. Plus, the following week was Reading Week here, and I booked a couple of days vacation from work, so I had a chance to relax somewhat.

Only somewhat. Reading week was still busy with work, as it was the best time to reboot a horde of machines that presumably the faculty and students wouldn't be using. This whole Daylight Savings switchover thing was such a pain in the ass.

So speaking of my ass, I managed to spectacularly fall down a friend's stairwell last weekend. It was a narrow little winding stairwell, and my feet slipped on the carpeting and I landed really hard, so I now have a fist-size very dark bruise on my bum cheek. (It's still there after over a week.) Apparently, it was quite the thing to see. (Uh, the fall, not my ass. My ass is not for you.)

I'm also still in pain from this weekend. The inclement weather meant that school was closed on Friday, and I managed to go climbing for the first time in two months with some friends, and I'm achy all over from that as well.

Anyway, it's back to status quo now, with work and school. Work as per normal, classes and studying and being constantly over my head with assignments as per normal. So yeah. Remind me again, why I thought two courses in a term plus full time work was manageable?

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