Elbie at Trig dot Net

Tue, 17 Jul 2007


Facebook has annoyed me for a while now. It's had the same sorts of problems that I've had with every social networking site I've tried. Namely I don't have the time or patience to keep up with the endless stream of information, let alone to sift through it all to find information that's actually... well, informative.

My experience to date has been that e-mail notifications come days, if not weeks late, for events and other messages sent to me through the website. Plus, there are more than a few people out there who seem to think that I can pick out their face from a blurry nighttime shot of a crowd of people. If I only vaguely remember who you are, this picture is not going to help. I could send you an e-mail to ask how exactly we're supposed to know each other, but wait, no, your privacy settings don't allow me to send you messages.

So yes, I've canceled my Facebook account. Wait, make that suspended. Facebook has my data now. They're refusing to actually delete it. Of course, they claim that its so I can reactivate my account at any time. All I need to do is log back in. Oh, and then wait for an e-mail that may take weeks to get delivered...

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