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Fri, 31 Dec 2010


So. 2010.

One of the problems with blogging so infrequently, is that I forget about a lot of things that happen between posts, let alone what's happened all year round. That said, I can sum up a few things.

At least one major organization change has happened in my work's department, that should help smooth things out between us and the academic departments. I've been working there for six years and a bit now. It's hard to tell if I'm senior or junior there sometimes, but on the whole, I think that I'm doing pretty well there.

Home and play was pretty good this year on the whole. I tend to not talk about my personal life much here, but I'm happy enough. Things certainly aren't bleak. I've bought a few toys. A reverse osmosis water filter in March was a fantastic success, and the Kindle towards the end of the year which I'm also more than happy with.

What's the plan for 2011? Well, a lot of things can use a face lift. Many aspects of Trig.Net have languished for far too long not the least of which is this blog. Also, I wouldn't mind having a better system for keeping my home in order. Not resolutions per se, but certainly things I should try to get done.

For all of you, good luck on your goals, and here's hoping you have a good year.

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