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Thu, 21 Apr 2011

Can't post. Busy.

Yup. A whole term has slipped by. A crazy crazy four months.

I took a course this term, CS341, User Interfaces. It was a significant amount of work, but quite interesting. I've been thinking on again off again about trying to get my master's degree. But working full time and doing this kind of course work would require me to be uber efficient, and I wasn't very good at it this term. Of course there were mitigating circumstances, namely that we bought a house.

So if taking a challenging course wasn't enough, yes, we were running around like mad in March and April getting all our financial ducks in a row, plus we were spending a huge amount of effort for a week and a half to get the condo ready to list. I've been living out of boxes for half the term. The cats are a little freaked out by everything.

The closing went pretty smoothly though. So... house! Hopefully the move will go as smoothly. But really, I could use a vacation.

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