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Tue, 07 Jun 2011

So I took a vacation.

The closing date of the house ended up being the day before L had to leave to go to a conference in San Antonio, which I was going to tag along with in a vacationy sort of way.

The conference had been planned for quite a while, the house thing was sort of new. Part of the running around I mentioned in the last post was to make sure we could do as attractive an offer as possible, and that included a 30-day closing, which would have put the closing date smack dab in the middle of the time we were going to be out of the country so it ended up being a 28-day closing. We basically took possession, looked around to make sure everything was as it was supposed to be, then turned around, locked up and flew to Texas.

San Antonio was really really gorgeous. The weather, as you might have been led to believe was pretty damned hot, and we arrived not only in the week leading up to Easter, but in the week that had a lot of history closely tied to the Alamo and Texan independence. The food was fantastic, but there was a lot of it, and most of what we ate was pretty heavy. We saw a lot of very big people.

Of course, one of the first things we saw there was indeed the Alamo. Looking at all the history, you really get the whole mindset. Texas spent a lot of its time more or less getting the shaft from higher governmental bodies. It's no wonder they were independent for as long as they were.

We spent a huge amount of time walking. In fact a little too much time. We wandered down the Mission Trail, to look at a couple of the other historic missions, except it's not a walking trail. After popping out off the Riverwalk, into a beautiful older district of San Antonio, we suddenly found ourselves walking on exposed non-pedestrian-friendly arterial roads that went under overpasses, and at one point by a juvenile correction facility. When we told the grandmotherly park ranger at the first mission that we'd walked there, she just shook her head at us somewhat incredulously. We took the bus back to our hotel.

And then we were back home. Or at least back to our hometown. There was painting and packing and moving and unpacking and a seemingly endless list of todos. At least it's not ended yet. But there's occasional lulls. I was able to sit on the front porch of our new home this evening, watching the world go by, and reading. We're settling in.

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